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St Brides Media and Finance have experienced the benefits of many of Netstar's managed services, including an advanced cloud computing solution.

Cloud computing effectively removes the need for much of the usual on-site IT infrastructure that is found in most typical organisations.

Instead of using servers in house to store and process data, you effectively rent the use of high specification infrastructure in a remote data centre - which you connect to via a high speed internet line.

All of your data and applications are stored in, and run from, one of our highly secure, london based data centres.

St Brides Media and Finance outsourced their IT support to Netstar in 2013.

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Benefits of cloud computing:

  • No high capital costs on server infrastructure.
  • The data centre is scalable - you only pay for what you use. Rather than buying and running a server that is big enough for you to "grow into" - you can never under-utilise the data centre hardware.
  • Ensures data security and business continuity in the event of a potential disaster - as data is off site and highly secure.

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